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The ability to work with and lead others is crucial. We will investigate including more people-management skills in qualifications, especially at earlier levels of training, to facilitate the development of future managers. 

We will also explore the value of including training on best practice and the legal requirements of looking after staff.


As part of our Agriculture qualification development project (launching 4 March 2024), Muka Tangata is exploring the integration of people management skills into qualifications, skill standards and micro-credentials.

The new qualifications, skill standards and micro credentials will result in a more flexible system and support the formal recognition of transferable core skills.

Through this project, providers will be able to develop programmes, learning and assessment resources with more people management skills embedded.

Key Steps:

Agriculture qualifications development project:

  • Internal planning phase – February 2024
  • Industry consultation – 4 March 4 to 5 April 2024

4 March 2024 – Project launch, calling for expressions of interest for industry, iwi and hapū Māori and VET providers to be involved

18 March – 5 April - Drop-in sessions for those with questions on the project and how they can be involved.

  • Engagement – May - July 2024

Wānanga events – starting in May 2024

  • Development

Qualifications – from August 2024

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Latest Update:

Muka Tangata is currently in the Internal Planning phase for the the Agriculture qualifications development project. We are undertaking an analysis of existing formal, informal and non-formal training to inform the development of a new set of educational components is underway.