Forestry micro-credential development update

Ten new micro-credentials for the Forestry industry have been successfully approved and listed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and are now available to be developed into programmes by accredited providers. 

The approved micro-credentials are: 

Level 3: 

  • Forestry Road Pavement (128479-1) (Level 3, 15 credits) 
  • Forestry River Crossing Construction (128480-1) (Level 3, 20 credits) 
  • Forestry Earthworks Plant Operation (128481-1) (Level 3, 20 credits) 
  • Geotextile Installation in Forestry Infrastructure (128482-1) (Level 3, 4 credits) 
  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Forestry Roads (128483-1) (Level 3, 20 credits) 
  • Core Construction of Forestry Roads (128488-1) (Level 3, 40 credits) 
  • Forestry Deadman Installation (128489-1) (Level 3, 5 credits) 

Level 5: 

  • Core Forestry Leadership (128484-1) (Level 5, 40 credits) 
  • Operational Forestry Leadership (128485-1) (Level 5, 40 credits) 
  • Business Forestry Leadership (128487-1) (Level 5, 40 credits) 

The development of these micro-credentials was led by Muka Tangata as part of the Forestry qualifications development project which began in July 2023. The project was undertaken in collaboration with industry, providers, iwi and Māori. 

Muka Tangata worked with Waihanga Ara Rau to develop two micro-credentials for the Forestry Earthworks. A review of infrastructure unit standards by Waihanga Ara Rau identified a need for a Forestry Earthworks pathway. Waihanga Ara Rau and Muka Tangata subsequently collaborated on the project to develop level 3 micro-credentials in Forestry Earthworks.

The Forestry qualifications development project is continuing in 2024: Read more here about how to get involved.