Spotlight on Greenkeepers

Bridging the Gap: Introducing the Sports Turf Industry to our Workforce Development Plans

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a dedicated data section for the Sports Turf industry.

In the past, the Sports Turf industry found itself absent from the Nursery, Turf, and Gardening Workforce Development Plan due to the lack of a specific industry code within the ANZSIC industry classification system. Click here to read more about Data challenges for the Sports Turf workforce.

To address this gap, we have worked with representatives from the Sports Turf industry.

Using occupation data from multiple censuses, and enrolment data from the Tertiary Education Commission, we created a dashboard to provide insights on the Sports Turf workforce and learners. While we acknowledge that perfection is an ongoing journey, this dashboard marks a significant step forward.

This small but important change means that we can accurately represent industry-specific information for workforce planning.