Muka Tangata is the voice of the food and fibre sector within the vocational education and training system. A key mechanism for amplifying that voice are clear workforce development plans (WDPs) for each of our 14 industries, which we use to guide our advice on food and fibre training funding to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), as well as drive the development of food and fibre qualifications, standards, and micro-credentials.

These plans capture the key workforce and training information about each sector, identify the workforce and skills issues facing the sector, and identify the roadmap of actions that Muka Tangata will take in partnership with industry, iwi and hapū Māori, and education providers to address those issues.

Muka Tangata has chosen to present our 14 industry workforce development plans in a dynamic online format so that the data, issues, and roadmap actions in each plan are easily accessible, easily adjustable, and easily trackable. Our industry plans are truly living plans, which will change and adapt as industry and wider challenges change.

We have also identified a number of cross-cutting sector issues that arose from many industries. These cross-cutting issues relate to many of the future focused challenges and opportunities for the whole sector, including climate responsiveness and developing and maintaining healthy and productive soils, water, plants, and animals. Muka Tangata will work both at the sector and industry level to address these common challenges and opportunities. 

We wish to thank all those in our industries and across the sector who have supported and contributed to the development of these initial 14 industry plans. We look forward to ongoing discussions and work with our industries and partners to implement the roadmap of actions in these plans, and continuously update them so they remain relevant.

Erin Simpson - Council Chair         

  Jeremy Baker - Chief Executive


Introduction to the Workforce Development Plans

Muka Tangata Workforce Development Council released 14 industry-specific workforce development plans online in April 2023.

Learn about the plans, their content, why they are online, and where we are going next.