The vocational education system has not been flexible and nimble enough to meet industry need.

The Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool industry is facing the pressure of keeping up with rapidly changing farming systems, which require employees to gain new skills and puts pressure on qualifications to keep up. Changing technologies, new ways of farming, and external pressures and regulations are all contributing to this shift.         

The industry wants shorter, targeted, and more flexible training. There is an industry-wide desire for smaller, more achievable qualifications with frequent feedback on progress. This includes consideration of more flexible delivery models that meet the needs of learners and employers - including hybrid models that cater for learners who are geographically spread. 

Due to existing vocational education options not being flexible enough to accommodate and keep up with the rate of change in the industry, non-formal and informal training has taken precedence, as it is easy to access, targets a specific area, and offers short and relevant learning.