Qualifications | Vegetables

Existing qualifications do not always align with the skills required to do the work and attracting people with the right skills is a challenge. 


Non-Formal Learning | Support Services

Some parts of the Support Services industry are using informal training to fill a gap where formal qualifications do not exist. 

Non-Formal LearningQualifications

Attraction and Retention | Support Services

The Support Services industry struggles with attraction and retention across industries. 

Attraction and Retention

Qualifications | Support Services

There are elements of the existing Pest Control qualifications that do not align well with industry requirements.


Attraction and Retention | Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool

An aging workforce is contributing to a labour shortage across the industry.

Attraction and Retention

Pathways | Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool

Entry pathways for learners into the industry are not obvious.


Diversity and Inclusion | Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool

Employers need more support to help them better navigate working in an intergenerational environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

Qualifications | Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool

The vocational education system has not been flexible and nimble enough to meet industry need.

Provision of LearningQualifications

Sustainability | Seafood

Mitigating and adapting to climate change and sustainability is a focus of the industry.


Qualifications | Seafood

The uptake of qualifications relating to Seafood has been declining over the past five years and the existing qualifications are not flexible enough to meet industry need.

Provision of LearningQualifications

Attraction and Retention | Seafood

There is a significant reliance on migrant labour to keep some areas of the industry afloat, and difficulty attracting and retaining an Aotearoa based workforce.

Attraction and Retention

Regulatory Compliance | Poultry, Pigs and other livestock

Changes to government regulations around animal welfare are an ongoing challenge for the Pork and Poultry industries.

Regulatory Compliance