Pastoral Care | Forestry

Pastoral care is an important component of the industry, with employees often spending long days together in crews of people.

Pastoral Care

Attraction and Retention | Forestry

The industry struggles to attract new people due to the perception of the nature of the work and a lack of clear pathways.

Attraction and Retention

Delivery and Assessment | Forestry

Existing delivery and assessment of Forestry qualifications doesn’t fit learner needs.

Delivery and Assessment

Qualifications | Equine, Greyhounds and Racing

The existing licensing system doesn't align with qualification requirements.


Pathways | Equine, Greyhounds and Racing

There is an industry perception that low staff retention is due to lack of clear career pathways and links to expected levels of remuneration.

Attraction and RetentionPathways

Profitability | Equine, Greyhounds and Racing

The current operating model of the racing industry is not generating enough money to provide investment in the upkeep of infrastructure or employee training.

ProfitabilityRegulatory Compliance

Qualifications | Dairy

The vocational education system has not been flexible and nimble enough to meet industry need.

Provision of LearningQualifications

Mental Health and Wellbeing | Dairy

Mental health and resilience are ongoing concerns for the Dairy industry.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Regulatory Compliance | Arable

Legislation and compliance with on-farm emissions and climate change are a challenge.

Regulatory Compliance

Delivery and Assessment | Arable

The seasonal nature of the industry means that it is difficult to complete a qualification within the time frame of employment.

Delivery and Assessment

Attraction and Retention | Arable

It is challenging to attract skilled people into the arable farming industry.

Attraction and Retention

Qualifications | Apiculture

The existing programme design has high theoretical components and does not align with the practical skills required on the job.