Qualifications | Poultry, Pigs and other livestock

There is a low uptake of qualifications in both the Pork and Poultry industries.


Attraction and Retention | Poultry, Pigs and other livestock

The Pork and Poultry industries struggle to attract people into the workforce.

Attraction and Retention

Sustainability | Nursery, Turf and Gardening

Environmental sustainability and conservation are an ongoing focus across the industry.

Regulatory ComplianceSustainability

Qualifications | Nursery, Turf and Gardening

The existing qualifications do not align with the skills required on the job.

Attraction and RetentionQualifications

Attraction and Retention | Nursery, Turf and Gardening

Attracting people with the right skills is a challenge and retaining staff in a competitive market can be difficult.

Attraction and RetentionDiversity and Inclusion

Qualifications | Grapes and Wine

The Grape and Wine industry generally favours experience over qualifications.


Delivery and Assessment | Grapes and Wine

The seasonal requirements of the industry do not always align with the delivery and assessment of qualifications.

Delivery and Assessment

Attraction and Retention | Grapes and Wine

Some regions experience different attraction and retention issues in both permanent and seasonal roles.

Attraction and Retention

Non-Formal Learning | Fruit

Non-formal learning is currently being used to support employees to move into leadership roles.

Non-Formal LearningPathwaysSkills

Diversity and Inclusion | Fruit

Supporting a multi-cultural workforce is a focus of the Fruit industry.

Diversity and InclusionPastoral Care

Qualifications | Fruit

Existing qualifications do not always align with the skills required to do the work and attracting people with the right skills is a challenge.


Diversity and Inclusion | Fruit

The industry attracts a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, including school leavers and people who may not have any previous training or work experience.

Diversity and Inclusion