Muka Tangata is supporting providers to use assessment methods that are suitable to a wider range of learners. For the Seafood industry, in conjunction with delivery models, we are looking to work with providers to develop assessment methods suitable to the industry. This could include the use of naturally occurring evidence, company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and verification, for assessment, to support or replace the current largely bookwork assessments. The results of this work will have application across many industries. 

Latest Update:

As we have built up our workforce development plans, we can see that there are common opportunities across multiple industries relating to delivery and assessment, provision of learning and qualifications. To give this issue more focus and to systematically address any sector-wide issues we have combined our work in this area into a single programme of work.

Our industry teams will be closely involved in this work, and we will make sure that any unique issues or solutions for Seafood continue to be visible and prioritised.

You can read about our progress HERE.