Sheep, Beef, Deer and Wool farming

The Wool industry has acknowledged the lack of a successful industry training model. 

We are already working with industry leaders and vocational education and training bodies to research, analyse and construct a workable solution for the industry. This work is informed by research undertaken by the Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence and work we are doing to map non-formal training delivery to formal qualification development. 

Key steps:

  • Hold an initial wānanga for a Wool Harvesting micro-credential development project.
  • Work with representative participants to develop micro-credentials and standards for the Wool industry.
  • Submit micro-credentials and standards to NZQA.
  • Micro-credentials published by NZQA and available for use by training providers.

Latest progress:

We have held an in-person meeting in Wellington (13 February 2024) with the working group to gather further detail for the skill standards that will accompany the micro-credentials, and are now creating the final documentation for industry approval and submission to NZQA.