Apiculture Workforce Demographics

Source: Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure 


The ethnic diversity of the Apiculture industry has remained consistent since 2015 with more than three quarters of the Apiculture workforce identifying as European, followed by almost a one-fifth identifying as Māori and around one-tenth identifying as Asian. This is similar to the ethnic distribution of the workforce across all of Muka Tangata. Compared to workers across all industries (national benchmark), the ethnic composition of the Apiculture workforce in 2021 has a similar percentage of people who identify as Māori but a lower percentage of people identifying as Asian or Pacific peoples.


Apiculture has a similar age distribution of workers compared to the national average (national benchmark). However, compared to workers across Muka Tangata, Apiculture has a higher percentage of workers aged 35-44 and a lower percentage of older workers aged 55 and over.

Regional Distribution

The Apiculture workforce is distributed across Aotearoa. Of those who worked in Apiculture in 2021, the highest concentrations lived in the Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Manawatu-Wanganui and Waikato regions.


In 2021, around one third of individuals working in Apiculture identified as female and this has increased slightly in recent years. This still sits well below the national average (national benchmark) of 47% but is closer to the proportion of female workers across Muka Tangata (36%).