Support the Thoroughbred industry’s new training model

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing have identified deficiencies in the current training model, resulting in a poorly trained workforce. In addition, a lack of clear career pathways is seen to be affecting attraction and retention issues.

The industry is developing a new training model, starting with pre-employment and apprenticeship training (Levels 2-4) with part-time and full-time training and education options, based on a combination of classroom-based training and education, work-based training, including work experience with a diverse range of employers from the thoroughbred industry. This will provide opportunities for learners to experience and consider a wide variety of career pathways within the Thoroughbred Racing industry.

Increase workforce diversity – support programmes that improve the participation of Māori

Māori only formed 9% of the equine, greyhounds, and racing workforce in 2020.


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