Support new qualifications and resulting programmes from the planned 2023 review of the Seafood qualifications suite

The total Seafood workforce has been relatively stable over the last five years, but the industry is reliant on migrant labour and struggles to attract and retain a New Zealand-based workforce. Learning numbers have been dropping since 2014, with a sharp decline in 2019, and only a slight increase again in 2021.

Industry has told us that the existing qualifications are not flexible enough to meet industry need and more flexible delivery models are required.

Muka Tangata has begun a review of the suite of seafood qualifications planned. We anticipate new programmes to be available by June 2024.

Support programmes that provide more flexible delivery and assessment

More flexible delivery and assessment may assist with attraction and retention.

Alongside the seafood qualifications review, Muka Tangata will be supporting providers to develop, deliver, and assess programmes exploring different ways in which they can be delivered that meet the diverse needs of learners and employers with an aim to improving success.


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