Support Services is an industry grouping that provides services for a range of our other industries, including labour contractors for fruit, vegetables and arable; hunting and trapping; aerial crop dusting; landscape construction; fencing; and agricultural product wholesaling.

Muka Tangata needs to undertake further work to understand the range of skills needed. This includes looking to develop qualifications, standards and credentials that are flexible, depending on the specific needs of the workforce, and that, where applicable, are transferrable across the sub-industries and the wider food and fibre sector.

In the first instance we are focussing on some micro-credentials to target and enhance specific skills.

Support Groundspreading micro-credentials

Industry has identified qualification gaps for spreading fertiliser. We are working with the industry, and alongside Hanga-Aro-Rau which has responsibility for other parts of the fertiliser sub-industries, to develop groundspreading micro-credentials.

Support Pest control-related micro-credentials

We are supporting Toi Mai and Toitu te Waiora in their work in relation to pest control so that there is a common view for a workforce that spans sectors. Toi Mai is reviewing two Parks unit standards and exploring a Conservation micro-credential.


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