Mental Health and Wellbeing | All People, Food and Fibre

Mental health and wellbeing remain an ongoing focus for many of our industries.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Support Industry | All People, Food and Fibre

The sector has some big challenges on the horizon - how can we support our industries to adapt?

Attraction and RetentionQualifications

Non-Formal Learning | All People, Food and Fibre

There is no formal process for recognising existing skills or non-formal training.

Non-Formal Learning

Attraction and Retention | All People, Food and Fibre

Better support for learners can help them succeed in their training and qualifications.

Attraction and Retention

Delivery and Assessment | All People, Food and Fibre

More flexible delivery and assessment models to better align with industry and learner needs.

Delivery and Assessment

Qualifications | Veterinary

Providers are finding it difficult to develop a programme for the new Level 6 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.


Mental Health and Wellbeing | Veterinary

The industry reports an increasing impact of stress on its workforce due to the nature of the work and conflicts with customers.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Attraction and Retention | Veterinary

There is a perception across the industry that retention is a key issue, due to a variety of barriers including low remuneration and lack of a visible career path.

Attraction and RetentionPathways

Diversity and Inclusion | Vegetables

Supporting a multi-cultural workforce is focus of the Vegetable industry.

Diversity and InclusionPastoral Care

Skills | Vegetables

Entry level roles are perceived as being ‘low skilled’, but a high level of skill is required in these roles to be productive. 

Attraction and RetentionSkills

Non-Formal Learning | Vegetables

Non-formal learning is currently being used to support employees to move into leadership roles. 

Non-Formal LearningPathwaysSkills

Qualifications | Vegetables

Existing qualifications do not always align with the skills required to do the work and attracting people with the right skills is a challenge.