The Nursery, Turf and Gardening industry grouping has indicated that the existing qualifications do not align with the skills required on the job. The industry is currently undertaking work to change training, but these will not be ready for this investment round.

Engagement with the Nursery industry has told us that qualifications with a greater botany focus are required, as there is a perception that the current generation of botanists in the industry are retiring, and they are not being replaced at the same rate; the industry is interested in shifting to more apprenticeships and on the job training to fill this gap.

Significant changes to amenity programmes are currently underway, with the intent of giving learners more choice and a greater emphasis on botany, rather than the current narrower focus on management, and ensuring the qualifications are achievable.
Sports Turf are planning a new apprenticeship, but this may require changes to the existing level 3 and level 4 qualifications.


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